Mic          Sennheiser MKH 416

Interface      Universal Audio Apollo Twin

Booth        Soundproofed 4×4 booth, Auralex treatment,  -55dB noise floor

Software        Reaper, Ableton

Computer       Macbook Pro M1, Mac Mini

Connectivity       Source Connect, Zoom, Phone

Processing        Universal Audio,  Waves, Schepps Plugins


Vocal Age Range: Late Teens, 20s, 30s, 40s

Tonal Range: Mid for Narration, Mid Low, Mid and High for character reads. Tenor when singing.

Accents and Dialects: American English, British(RP), Irish, Scottish, Canadian, Southern American, East Coast American

Other Skills and Specialties: Celebrity Impressions, Comedy Improv, Singing, Sound Effects, Mimicry

My Journey Into Voice Acting

Hello! I’m Mason.

I’m a dedicated voice actor based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, offering fully remote services from my professional studio.

I’ve got two decades worth of experience as an actor and I’ve been a singer, musician and audio producer for almost the same amount of time.

I’ve been recording and editing my voice for well over half of my life!

If you’re on Tiktok you may have stumbled across my viral comedic impersonation videos of celebrities like Dr. Jordan Peterson, Donald Trump, Mrs. Doubtfire and other colorful characters. These have earned me a significant following (150k) and the opportunity to have my voices featured on podcasts and notable youtube channels like Ethan and Hila’s H3 Podcast and Hasan Piker.

For the better part of a decade I was a salesperson at a major online pro-audio retailer. I learned all there is to know about microphones, interfaces, preamps, acoustic treatment, sound design, editing– the list goes on and on– And all of that knowledge helps me guarantee that I produce professional and competitively high-quality audio for my customers.

But the most useful and far-reaching skill I’ve gained has been communication. I understand the true value of building lasting relationships with clients and providing world-class customer service. I am here to serve you and the project you are hiring me for.

Whether crafting dynamic commercial narrations, creating whacky characters for animation, or breathing life into novels with emotive audiobook narration, I take ownership of every project and I am committed to ensuring your satisfaction. I’m here to serve you and elevate your project to its fullest potential.


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